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Paper Mario cheats Nintendo 64

Hint: Unlimited items from trees:
Once you have received a hammer, use it to hit trees. The tree where you begin gives you an endless supply of acorns that revive your FP by 3. However, you must go somewhere else and then go back to receive another acorn. You can also get coins, Star Pieces, and a weird doll as well.

Hint: Colored toads:
The colored toads will run off if you talk to them.

To get past the dark colored toads go to Merlin, and instead of talking to him across his table, go next to him. He says "What? The colored toads won't let you by?! I'll have a talk with them.". Go up to them and they will leave.

Hint: Answers to the Bowser questions:
The answers are as follows: "3", "Red", "Red", "24".

Hint: Never-ending hallway pattern:
The pattern to the "Never-ending hallway" is up, down, up, down, down, up.

Hint: Leveling up:
The best way to level up is to find a Bill Blaster. Kill the Bombshell Bills it shoots out. Do this as much as needed. You should not get hurt if you jump on then get a first strike.

When you reach Flower Fields, find an Amayzee Dayzee (the sparkly one located after you pass the yellow flower gate). Equip every badge available that increases your attack, making sure you have the Mega Rush badge and the Power Bounce badge, which lets you jump on an enemy until you miss a mark. Jump into the thorns nearby until you have 1 HP remaining, then hit the daisy with your hammer to start the battle. Use the Power Bounce until the daisy faints, which should only be a few bounces because you will do about 8 damage the first time, 7 the next, etc. If you fail to kill it on the first turn, it will most likely run. If not, it will do 20 damage. After you win, you will get 30 to 40 star points, depending on your level. To fight the daisy again, leave the flower fields and return. You may want to take a life shroom to heal.

You do not need the "power-up" Badges to defeat an Amayzee Dayzee. Equip yourself with the Dizzy Attack Badge. Then, run into the Dayzee. You now have two entire turns to defeat it. Use Parakary's Shell Shot and a Power Smash each turn.

To gain levels faster, go to Flower Fields. Go to the area where you need Parakarry to cross over the pit of spikes. Note: You should have Lakilester by now. At the end of this area, you will see two Flower enemies. If they are both white, exit and enter the area until one of them turns gold. If there is already a gold flower enemy there, then prepare to fight. It has 20 HP, attack power 20, and defense power 1. Note: There are three things you must know. You must be extremely skilled with the Action command; you must equip the "Power Bounce" badge; and you should use the spell that the witch casts on you in Dry Dry Outpost. First, use Bombette to initiate a first strike (she does the most damage). Then, use Mario's Power Bounce attack. If you got a spell cast on you, there is a chance that your attack power will go up. If the gold flower enemy is still alive, then use Bombette's "Bomb" attack. If it is still alive, then you should hope that it attacks you. If it does not attack, it will run away. Beware; it does 20 damage and may put you to sleep. If it dies after using Bombette's Bomb attack, you will get a large number of star points. The number of star points depends on your current level. For example, if you are at level 20, you will get 40 star points. If your level is 21, you will get 39 star points, etc. It also depends on if you got the spell cast on you. There is a chance it will double your star points. Also, if it runs away, exit and enter the area until it returns. If you kill it, exit Flower Fields and repeat the entire procedure.

Hint: Ultra Leveling party members:
Once you visit Raphael the Raven, you can "Ultra-Level" your party members. The best one to "Ultra-Level" is Parakarry, because he learns "Air Raid," which uses 6 (or 8) FP, and deals about 6 damage to each enemy (if you get to 100% on the "Press Left repeatedly" meter).

Hint: Chet Rippo:
Do not trust Chet Rippo -- he will raise one stat and drop the other two. It is a complete waste of 39 coins.

Note: Chet Rippo does cheat you with the first two, but not the last one. If you chose BP, you will basically gain a level. You can also regain the health and FP you lost later. It may be worth doing it at least once.

Hint: Reduce damage:
To reduce the damage an enemy gives to Mario, do the action command while the enemy is attacking. For example, if a Goomba jumps on Mario, press A immediately before it lands. Mario will crouch down with his hat over his head, reducing the damage. If done correctly, the word "Nice" will appear.

Hint: More coins:
To get more coins from fighting, wear the Pay-Off Badge. When you are in a battle and get hurt a lot, you will get more coins.

Go to any area with a fire bar (a rotating bar of fire). The volcano is the best area for this trick. Jump over it when passes, and it will spin faster. Soon, it will disappear and leave coins behind.

Hop on the Toad Town train to dry Dry Outpost. If you start to climb Mt. Rugged, you will find the mole, Wacka. Hit him on the head to get Wacka's Bump. Grab this and continue to go off the screen. Return and repeat to get more. It will sell for 64 or 50 coins. Note: You may want to use the Spin Attack Badge as it helps with the moles. Note: This only works for a short time and will eventually kill Wacka.

Get a rare item (for example, Wacka's Bump, Jammin Jelly or Ultra Shroom) and go to Tayce T. and let her cook it. You will get more than the usual amount of coins for it.

Get an Ultra Shroom and a Jammin Jelly. Give them to Tacye T. and she will give you a Jelly Ultra. Sell it at Boo's Mansion to get 200 coins.

Get rid of all of your items, then buy ten Dusty Hammers at Dry Dry Outpost. Sell them at Boo's Mansion. The Dusty Hammers will cost 20 coins, will be sold for 40 coins.

Buy as many Volt Shrooms as you can afford. Bring them all to Tayce T. to turn them into Hot Shrooms. Bring the Hot Shrooms to the store and sell them. Continue this for more money.

Hint: Defeating enemies or Bosses easily:
This trick allows to you to defeat Bosses easily with the Power Bounce attack and get well over the occasional 20 or 30 Power Bounces. First, buy and equip the Dodge Master Badge from Rowf's Badge Shop in Toad Town. It will eventually appear there, if it is not already present. Then equip the Power Bounce Badge. Fight an enemy (or boss such as Bowser). You may be able to get up to 80 Bounces. Be sure to have at least one Power Plus Badge equipped and have Watt in your party -- she can do 5 damage with Electro Dash and can also use Turbo Charge to make Mario stronger.

To defeat Bosses easily, you must have Goombario up to at least Super rank. Fight any tough enemy or Boss, have Mario attack or do some other task, and have Goombario use his Charge ability. Use Goombario's charge ability five to eight times in a row, then do a Headbonk or Multi-bonk to do big damage. Most Bosses will go down quickly.

To defeat Lava Piranha, Huff n Puff, and Crystal King easily, get Goombario to Ultra Rank. Then go to one of those Bosses. Keep charging Goombario, and eventually his attack power will get up to fifteen. Use Multibonk as much as possible and they will be defeated easily. Note: When you are fighting Lava Piranha when you do Multibonk, make sure there is no fire on its head. As soon as it has fire on its head, switch to Sushie.

Hint: Defeating Amzee Dazees:
Get about three paralyzing items (Stop Watch, Dizzy Daze, Sleep Sheep, etc.) and ultra rank Kooper. First strike the Amazee Dazee with a tornado jump. Switch with Kooper then use Shell Toss. Next, use one of your paralyzing items. This will keep the Amazee Dayzee from running away. Then, hit it with your strongest attack until it is defeated.

Hint: Defeating Anti-Guy:
Have a Lemon Candy when you talk to the Anti-Guy in the Shy Guy's toybox. He loves Lemon Candy and will trade the treasure he is guarding for the candy.

Get a Lemon (from the Oasis in the desert) and a Cake Mix. Take it to Tayce T.'s to get a Lemon Candy. Give it to Anti-Guy. He will give you the Power Plus Badge without a fight.

Hint: Defeating Bowser:
When facing Bowser (both the first and second times), make sure you have Bombettie in your party. Also have a Plus Power and a Plus Defense badge. When you enter the battle, use Bombettie's Bomb (it is only 3 FP and it does good damage). You should do 6 damage in the first battle and 5 during the second. Have Mario heal himself and use moves that do not use FP. In the second battle, the Stars help you at the start. When you enter, make sure you have around 40 HP. Your FP can be down -- do not use any items to heal your FP. Make sure you save Star Power, use the Elder Power when Bowser uses his claw attack (it will poison you), and keep your health up. Bowser's health during the first battle is only 50, and is 99 during the second.

Get to about level 23, have the Deep Focus , +5 FP, +5 HP, and the Power Jump Badge. Put on the Plus Defense and Plus Power Badge. Your Hp should be around 40, FP 40, and BP 30. When you fight him at Bowser Castle, have Watt or Boo at Ultra level. Keep beating him and when he uses the Star Rod, Mario must use the Star Beam. The Master is harder than Bowser. When you finish, heal and save the game.Go all the way up. Keep going straight and go on the platform. When you fight Bowser again, he has a power-up using Magic Koopa Machine. Use the same tactics. Later on he will use the Star Rod, and when you use the Star Beam it will not work. Then, you will fight Magic Koopa with Twink the Little Star. Every time you reach Peach's turn, use Focus and keep using it -- you cannot lose this battle. After defeating Koopa, a speech will start. You will get the Star Beam upgraded to a Peach Beam. Face Bowser again, and use the Peach Beam to defeat him. Note: He will recover 30 HP with the Star Rod.

If you are at a low level when you battle Bowser, use the following steps. Make Sure you have 2 Deluxe Feasts. To get them, cook Wanka Bumps with Strange Leaves). Also have 3 Life Shrooms and 5 Repel Gels. Use at least these badges: Mega Jump, Power Bounce, HP Plus, FP Plus, Power Rush, Lucky Day, Deep Focus, and Flower Saver. Use the partner named Watt, as he can penetrate defense. During the battle, start Mario's turn by using the Repel Gel, and then use Watt's Turbo Charge. Keep using Mega Jump. or if you can, keep pressing A at the correct time, every time use Power Bounce. Bowser has an attack power of 12, Defense of 1, and HP of 99 so this fight can last a long time. Use Repel Gels whenever you can. When Bowser uses his Star Rod use the Peach Beam.

You need to hit Bowser 11 times, and you got to hit him with 9 damage.

Although it is nearly impossible, with this hint you can beat Bowser in one turn. All you need are three badges and extremely good timing. Use the badges Power Bounce, Spike Shield, and Fire Shield.

Use the following trick to only lose 7 HP when the Bowser uses his flame breath. Use the Fire Shield and any defensive Shied on Mario. When you fight Bowser and he uses his fire, block it and Mario will only get 7 points of damage.

Use the following trick to defeat the second Bowser. Before the Star Spirits help you, you must have Bombette. Make sure you are wearing the D-down Jump Badge. First, have Mario use the D-down Jump. Next, use Bombette's Bomb (the Bomb, Power Bomb and Mega Bomb all do the same amount of damage). Use those two attacks again. Bowser will power himself up with his Star Rod. Before you use your Star Beam, switch to Watt. Then, use the Star Beam. This will not hurt your health because Peach heals you, but not Bowser. Next, use Watt's Turbo Charge and Mario's D-down Jump and make sure it counts. You will do 10 damage. After Bowser attacks you, use Watt's Electric Dash, which will do 5 damage if done correctly. Keep using this combination. When Bowser gets down in the 20s, he will heal himself by 30. Do not give up. Keep trying and you will defeat him and complete the game.

To defeat the second Bowser, make sure you have lots of FP (Flower Power) and are wearing the Mega Jump badge found in Shiver Mountain. Also, have Watt during the battle. Use Mario's Mega Jump on Bowser the entire time. Do not use any Star Power until your HP (Heart Power) is at 10 or less, in which case you would use Smooch. Also use Watt's Electro Dash the entire time.

To defeat Bowser easily, wear all the Power and Defense Badges you have. Also, put on the Damage Dodge badges, All Or Nothing, and the Dodge Master and Power Bounce badges. Make sure you also have the most powerful Jump Charge badge available. After the first battle with Bowser on top of Magikoopa's machine, Peach will come to your aid and give the stars a boost. After that, another battle will ensue. Charge up as much as possible, canceling out Bowser's Star Rod when necessary. After about four charges (you may be able to get more, but watch out for Bowser's Shockwave attack as it cancels all modifiers), use the Power Bounce attack and jump on him as often as possible. If you are skilled with timed attacks, you should be able to defeat him after your attack. If not, it will drop him down to about 20 HP. You should be able to finish him off from there.

Hint: Defeating Crystal King:
You need Fire Flower(s), Watt, the Power Plus Badge, and a Stone Cap. Use Mario's Jump. Use Watt to attack the Crystal King. When he clones himself, use the Fire Flower. It will burn him. When your HP is low, use the Stone Cap. Then, use Watt to zap away.

The Crystal King cannot be hurt with ice, so do not use things like the Snowman Doll on him. Fill up with a lot of coins. You will need at least ten Fire Flowers and Kooper will need to know Fire Shell. Get an extra Fire Flower and an Egg from Mt. Rugged, take them both to Tayce T. and you will get an Egg Bomb.

Use Watt and his electrical attack to paralyze Crystal King. Then, do Mega Smash to do a lot of damage. Next, use Watt to attack for 5 or 4 or 3 (whatever upgrade he is at). When he becomes neutral, paralyze him again and keep using Mega Smash and similar attacks.

Hint: Defeating General Guy:
Get four or five Wacka Bumps and six or seven Thunder Rages. When you battle the Xtreme Shy Guys (Stilt and Stack), do not use anything on them. When you face General Guy, break the light bulb so that he cannot damage you badly. Then, use the thunder Rages on him. If you are injured badly, use the Wacka Bumps. Use your hammer and Watt to break his machine and win.

On your first turn, use Star Storm. This will destroy the Light Bulb and damage General Guy. Then, use smack with Bowser. Use Power Bounce with Mario and if necessary use Outta Sight with Bowser.

Hint: Defeating Huff n' Puff:
First, use the "Chill Out" power from Muskular, the Start Spirit. This will turn the Ruff Puff's power to 0; when they drain Mario's HP, it will be ineffective. Use Lakilester's Spiny Storm to clear out the Ruff Puff's (but one or two will form). Hit Huff n' Puff with your strongest attacks and repeat the Chill Out and Spiny Storm.

Hint: Defeating Kent C. Koopa:
Use star power "Lulabye", then use Goombario's charge about seven times. Then, Headbonk or Multibonk. While he is asleep, use the D-Down Pound attack. Repeat this if he wakes up.

Knock Kent C Koopa on his bottom. When you attack him, he will have two areas of attack, the main body and the tail. Attack him on the tail for more damage. If you attack in the body, the damage will go down by about three. The tail will allow you to defeat him more easily. Also, if you want to protect you and your partner from his rolling move, use Muskular's Chill Out technique. His damage will go down, allowing you to do more attacks for a short period. If this wears off, you would had accumulated enough Star Energy to continue casting Chill Out.

Hint: Defeating Koopa Bros.:
Get rid of all the enemies and get to the part where the Bullet Bills shoot out of the cannons. After you defeat the cannons, buy about five or six POW Blocks in Toad Town. You will also need some Mushrooms. Try your best to upgrade at least one partner (not Goombario) to super-rank. Use the Bomb about four or five times (your FP must be high) to defeat the Bowser Costume. Then, start using the POW Blocks, attacking with yourself and your upgraded partner. They will be defeated eventually, in about seven or eight turns.

Make sure you have two POWs and two Fire Flowers. After you destroy the Bowser costume, use the POW while they are on top of each other. They will be struggling to stay that way. Use Bombette to get them on their backs. Use the Fire Flower. When they get back to their feet, use the POW. Use the second Fire Flower in case they are not defeated.

Hint: Defeating: Lava Piranha:
Get the Ice Power Badge, then buy seven or eight Snoman Dolls. Get some Wacka Bumps or make The Deluxe Feast.,Ultra Rank Sushi. Use the Squirt on Lava Piranha and the Snoman Dolls. If you get a chance to attack, use your jump

For Lava Piranha's first form, start the battle with Chill Out to reduce the Lava Buds' attack to 1, and the Lava Piranha's attack to 3. Go for the Lava Buds first, then strike the Lava Pirahana. To weaken the Lava Buds, use Star Storm. Keep hitting it with your strongest attacks, but save FP for the next form.

For Lava Piranha's second form, make sure you have Sushie upgraded to Ultra-Rank and have a few Syrups for regaining lost FP. When the Lava Pirahana is on fire, immediately use Sushie's Tidal Wave. This will cause a heavy amount of damage and will render it powerless for two turns. Do not use attacks that cost a lot of FP, as you will need it for Tidal Wave. Refill with the Syrups if necessary.

Hint: Defeating The Master:
This trick should work for all of The Master's stages. You will need at least four or five Stone Caps in your inventory, and Goombario at Ultra Rank. Have Mario use a Stone Cap to turn him to stone. Mario cannot be damaged in this form. Use Goombario's "Charge" attack to power him up. When Mario returns to normal, use another Stone Cap to turn him into stone form again. Keep powering-up Goombario until his power has risen by at least +20. Then, use Goombario's "Multibonk" attack on The Master. If you time the Action Commands just correctly, you should do a total of over 100 damage.

Hint: Defeating Tubba Blubba:
Get two or three Thunder Bolts. When you get the Magic Key and get chased out of the Palace. go to the Heart Box near the Boo Mansion. Come out to the Wind Mill. Do not attempt to attack the Hyper Goombas. When you fight the Heart, use your power bounce repeatedly. When he turns a different color, use Bow's Outta Sight so it will not hit you. When you defeat it, get out of the wind mill. You will find Tubba Blubba. Attack with the thunder bolts you bought to win.

Buy one Life Shroom and five Mysteries from Boo's Mansion. This will cost 55 coins. Tubba Blubba's heart has 50 HP. On your first turn, use Power Jump. Try to use the Action command. Then, use Bowser's Slap Attack to do up to 4 damage. If TubbaBlubba's heart charges up, either use a Mystery or Power Jump on the heart and with Bowser use Out Of Sight. No damage will be dealt to you. Then, use Refresh to heal 5 HP and 5 FP. Tubba Blubba's heart will probably attack with a normal move, and you will only lose about six HP. Keep using Mysteries until you run out, then keep using Power Jump. Refresh when needed. You might not need your Life Shroom; sell it at Koopa Village for 30 coins or save it for later use. Whenever the heart charges up, use Out Of Sight. Once you defeat Tubba Blubba's heart, you have to beat Tubba Blubba. He only has 10 HP. Keep using Power Jump or Jump And Slap with Bowser. It does four damage done correctly.

Hint: Defeating TutanKoopa:
Buy about six or seven Thunder Rages and get two or three Whaka Bumps (at Mt. Rugged). When you face him, use all the Thunder Rages on him. Do not worry about killing Chain Chomp. Then, use an Upgraded Parter and pound on him if all the Rages run out. You will eventually defeat him.

Hint: Blue Station: Power Plus Badge:
Defeat the Anti-Shyguy (the Shy Guy dressed in a gray suit) in the Blue Station. The Power Plus Badge is inside the toybox.

Hint: Boo's Mansion: Original Mario:
Jump in the vase in Boo's Mansion. When you jump out, you will be the original NES version of Mario. You cannot leave the room with this trick on.

Hint: Bowser's Castle: Triple Anti-Guy brawl:
In order to do this trick, you must be in Bowser's Castle where you do the quiz, but you cannot have already done it previously. For those of you that want a challenge, battle a 150 HP opponent by going to the second giant Bowser head and getting three questions wrong. The Bowser door will say "Here is your horrible reward, a triple Anti-Guy assault!". Make sure to have three or more Ultra-shrooms.

Hint: Bowser's Castle: Easy Starpoints:
Battle a lot of Gold Bombs to get about 10 Starpoints per battle.

Hint: Crystal Palace: Badge warning:
Do not use the two badges you get in crystal palace (P-Down D-Up and P-Up D-Down) together -- they will cancel each other out.

Hint: Desert Oasis: Finding its location:
To find the Desert Oasis go south two times from the place next to Dry Dry Outpost. There is a lemon and lime tree, as well as a Super Block, there.

Hint: Dry Dry Desert: Rare items:
When you enter the Dry Dry Desert, go up one square and defeat all the enemies there. Then, go to a lone block that looks as if it has been hit. Hit the block one time to get a Mushroom, ten times for a Super Shroom, and on hundred times for an Ultra Shroom.

Hint: Dry Dry Outpost: Red Jar:
To get a Red Jar, go to Dry Dry Outpost and buy a Dusty Hammer, then a Dried Pasta, a Dusty Hammer, and a Dried Shroom. Little Mouser will give you a Red Jar. The Koopa in Koopa town who wants you to do favors for him wants this item.

Hint: Dry Dry Outpost: Runaway Pay Badge:
Go out of the town. Find the traveling mouse by the tree. Go up to the next square. Look for the trees in a triangle. Jump in the middle to get the badge.

Hint Dry Dry Outpost: Quick Change Badge:
After Merlock tells you to, find thebig red palm tree and run around it until a cloaked mushroom talks to you. From what he says, go to Merlock's house and enter. Spin jump (or tornado jump) three times. A Quick Change Badge will appear. It will allow you to change party members without wasting a turn. Note: Merlock tells you this in the fourth chapter. If you finish the fourth chapter before he says this, you can still do the trick.

Hint: Dry Dry Outpost: Hidden area:
Find some boxes between two houses. If you go behind the boxes, you will find a fortune teller. Talk to her to go to secret area.

Hint: Dry Dry Outpost: See Whacka:
Ride the train to the Dry Dry Outpost. Go past the save point. Once you reach the next location, go down, then left. You should see Whacka. Whack him and he will give you something called "Whacka`s Bump", which raises your hearts. You can also sell it for 64 coins or you can turn it into a delicious meal.

Hint: Dry Dry Ruins: Finding its location:
After you give the mysterious sheik a few items, he will tell you what it will take for him to reveal some very valuable information. Go to the Desert Oasis and bring him a lemon. Sheiks advice tells you to go to the shop in Dry Dry Outpost. Purchase a Dried Shroom, and then a Dusty Hammer. Little Mouser (seller) will take it as a sign that you know Moustafa "The Descendent Of The Ruins Builders". This will lead him to revealing Moustafa's whereabouts. The game that you play by giving the lemon to Sheik and buying unpopular items at Little Mouser's will leave Sheik's house unguarded. Enter the house and walk to the right. You will exit through the side of the building, giving you access to a pile of crates. Climb up on the roof, then move to the left and make your way to the second floor of Moustafa's place. Sheik's biggest secret is that he is Moustafa in disguise. When the Mouse Of Mystery reveals his true identity to you in his second floor home, he will also entrust you with the real information about Dry Dry Ruins and an item that will allow you to find the ruins in Dry Dry Desert -- the powerful Pulse Stone. Take the stone, then stock up on goods, spell's, and curses from Merlee in Dry Dry Outpost. Begin your journey to the ruins. The Pulse Stone can zero in on the location of the ruins. Go four times west (counting the part of the desert that you are on), four spaces north (counting the part of the desert you are on), and move over two spaces (counting the part of the desert you are on).The closer you are to the ruins, the faster the stone will pulse. When you reach a rock that has a distinct pulse stone-shaped hole,. place the stone in it. The ground will shake and Dry Dry Ruins will rise from the sand.

Hint: Flower Fields: Flower Saver Badge:
Throw a blue berry into the well.

Hint: Flower Fields: Happy Flower Badge:
Go to Flower Fields. In one of the paths are three pinkish trees. Hit them in this order to get a free Happy Flower Badge: middle, right, left.

Hint: Flower Fields: Easy coins:
Equip both the Money Money and Pay Off badges. Fight one of the bees and wait until you have low hearts. Then, fight and kill them. They should leave lots of coins.

Hint: Koopa Brother's Fortress: Finding it:
After getting past the Dark Colored Toads, go east to Koopa Village. Walk to the central part of the village. Go to the Blue Turtle Shell house and open the door. A Koopa will appear, and he will be delighted to meet you. He will ask you for a favor. You must get his turtle shell back from the Fuzzies. Go into Kooper's house and follow the Fuzzie out the back door. You will soon be face to face with the Fuzzie. He will make you play a game of hide and seek. Since you are the seeker, you have to learn where the Fuzzie went by seeing where it lands. There will be three rounds, and the Fuzzie's agility increases each round. After you win he will hand over the shell. Then, walk slightly to the left and Kooper will run up, saying that he finally had to take a stand and get his shell back. After you give it to him, he asks if he can join you on your journey. Answering "Yes" is recommended. Now that Koopers is in your party, he has some useful techniques. One of the most important for this part of your journey is to press C-Down to have Kooper curl up and slide under you. You will automatically kick it, shooting it out and it returns to you. This is very useful for item or switches that you cannot reach. Return to the place between Toad Town and Koopa Village. At that the sign that previously read "Sorry Mario, no passing", is now a block with a question mark. Jump up and hit it. A blue switch will appear on the other part of the stream. Use the Kooper kick technique to hit the switch. Go east to reach Koopa Brother's Fortress.

Hint: Koopa Brother's Fortress: FP Plus Badge:
Bomb a wall that is to the left of Koopa Brother's Fortress, then go inside the tube. After that, go right to find it.

Hint: Koopa Brother's Fortress: Hit points:
Go to the fork between the Koopa Brothers Fortress and Koopa Village. Take the route to the Koopa Brothers Fortress and find the three blue moles. Run around the mole just behind the sign. Strange music will play, just as in Super Mario Brothers 3 when you get the star, and little hearts will shoot out. This only works with the first mole. Behind the third mole (farthest from the sign) is Honey Syrup, which restores 5 HP.

Hint: Koopa Town: Original Mario music and hints:
Go to Koopa Town. Enter the third house in the first area (with a tanning Koopa inside). Listen to his radio for "Golden Oldies" to hear music from the original Mario game and "Information" for hints for this game.

Hint: Koopa Town: Three Star Pieces:
You can get three Star Pieces for helping the oldest Koppa In Koppa Town. Keep helping the old Koppa four or five times in a row and he will give you a Star Piece. Repeat this until he stops asking for favors.

Hint: Lava Lava Island: Finding treasure:
Use your partner Watt's power near the plants that ring like bells. There is almost always hidden treasure near them.

Hint: Lava Lava Island: Easy coins:
Go inside the volcano. When you see the chain of flames that goes around in circles, get very close and start to jump over it as it turns.

Hint: Mario's House: Luigi's secret diary:
Once you have the Super Boots and/or the Ultra Boots, go into Mario and Luigi's bedroom in Mario's house. You will see a square of boards facing the wrong direction. Do a special jump (press A while in the air) to go into the basement. Look at the book on the table to find Luigi's diary.

Hint: Mt. Rugged: Whacka's Bump:
Go in to Mt. Rugged. About two screens after you find Parakarry, the path will split slightly. Go down and then left. You will find a dead end and a strange little blue "mole" named Whacka. He should tell you that it is a nice day or something similar. Hit him with the hammer and he will say "Ouch don't hit me" and go underground. A Whacka's Bump will pop out. Whacka's Bump restores 25 HP and 25 FP. Go to the next screen, then repeat the process. You should be able to get about seven or eight of them. After this, he will never return.

Hint: Pleasant Path: Unlimited hearts:
Find the split on Pleasant Path where one direction leads to the Koopa Bros. Fortress and the other leads to Koopa Village. Keep running around the striped pole next to the sign to get hearts.

Hint: Shiver City: Attack FX E Badge:
Go to where the mayor lives. Enter the first house and go up to the top. When you are on the board, go to the window. A "!" will appear. Press A and the window will open. Get Parrikary and fly to the next house. Go through the first window and go down the stairs. Open the chest to find the Attack FX E Badge.

Hint: Shiver City: Toad without parka and earmuffs:
Go to the Toad House. When you go inside, take a nap. When you wake up, get the Iced Potato, and then press Start. Then, press Start again. The Toad will no longer be wearing the parka or the earmuffs. This trick also works at the Toad House in Starborn Valley.

Hint: Shiver City: Mushrooms:
After defeating the Crystal King and you go back to Shiver City, stay at the mushroom house. When you wake up, there will be a lot of mushrooms, and an Ultra Mushroom.

Hint: Toad Town: Free predictions or hints:
To get free predictions from Merlon or hints from Merlovlee, save in Toad Town before you get the predictions. Get all the information you want, then turn off the game and resume at your save point. You will now know the hints without paying a single coin for them.

Hint: Toad Town: Cheaper Life Shrooms:
After opening all the pipes in Toad Town's sewer and giving the cookbook to Tayce T., go to Boo Mansion and buy a Super Shroom for 13 coins. Then, go to Koopa Village and find a Koopa Leaf in one of the bushes. Return to Toad Town and have Tayce T. use those two ingredients. You will get a Life Shroom for only 13 coins instead of 40 or 50.

Hint: Toad Town: Free coins:
Buy a lot of Volt Shrooms at any store and bring them to Tayce T. at Toad Town. Have her cook one Volt Shroom, then sell it. You will spend 10 coins to buy it, but when cooked can be sold for 15 coins. Repeat this process to get a profit of 5 coins each time.

Hint: Toad Town: Mini-games:
In Toad Town, after you defeat the Koopa Bros., go south two screens. When you enter this area, immediately go left to find a lone tree. Hit it with the Hammer, and a pipe will fall out. If you have a Silver or Gold Credit and 10 coins you can go down to play games.

Hint: Toad Town: Blue tubes for fast travel:
Once you get the Super Boots and/or The Ultra Boots, go into the Tube labeled "Private" in south Toad Town. Once there, defeat the Bloopers and switches will appear. Hit them and blue tubes will appear to various places in the game.

Hint: Toad Town: Defeat Shyguys and enter the toy box:
Go to the house in Toad Town with nothing in it except bed sheets and crates. Go to the wall and a "!" will appear above your head. Press A and the wall will open. Bounce on the spring and you will go to Shyguys' Hideout. You can give back the stolen items by fighting the Shyguys with items above their heads. You will get the item if you win. You need all the items to complete toy box and the invasion of Shyguys in Toad Town.

Hint: Toad Town: Free games:
Save the game in Toad Town. Go to the playroom through the pipe at the south end of town, enter the pipe, and pay the 10 coins. Play until you are satisfied. Then, reset the game and resume the saved game. You will still have the coins.

Hint: Toad Town: Hammer Throw Badge:
Hit the tree at the west entrance to Toad Town. Jump on the trampoline and go right there to find a treasure that has the badge

Hint: Toad Town: Avoid losing FP and BP:
Do not go to the man that is standing next to the shop in the lower half of Toad Town. If you do he decreases FP and BP if you upgrade your HP.

Hint: Toad Town: Li'l Oinks:
if you go through Toad Town, you will encounter a barn. Hit the button and the machine will spit out an egg. Break the egg with your hammer. A Li'l pig will appear and jump in the cage. Do this ten more times and the first pig will run away. When this happens, it leaves behind an item. Make a gold or silver pig run away, and the gold will leave behind a Ultra Shroom, while the silver will leave behind a Jammin' Jelly.

Hint: Tubba Blubba's Castle: Sneak past guards:
The Slow Go Badge is very helpful in Tubba Blubba's Castle. When you have it on, you can get past the sleeping guards without waking them up and battling.

Hint: Tubba Blubba's Castle: Mega Rush Badge:
Move the clock, then scale the room until you get to a secret door. This leads to a dark room that contains the Mega Rush Badge.

Hint: Tubba Blubba's Castle: Secret room:
There is a small grandfather clock in the room where there is a Clubba sleeping in front of a locked door . Push it from the right and it will reveal a secret door. Go in to enter a very untidy room.

Hint: Volcano: Defeating Lava Piranha:
At the start of the fight, equip the Ice Badge to do more damage. Press A repeatedly to do even more damage.

Hint: Yoshi Island: Defeating the Boss:
Use Sushie for your partner. Use Tidal Wave to paralyze them when they have flames on their head.

Hint: Recipes for Tace T.:

Egg and Fire Flower: Rotten Egg Bomb
Cake Mix and Apple: Apple Pie
Cake Mix and Blueberry: Big Cookie
Cake Mix and Lime: Lime Candy
Cake Mix and Lemon: Lemon Candy
Mushroom and Cake Mix: Shroom Cake
Koopa Leaf and Cake Mix: Kooky Cookie
Honey Syrup and Cake Mix and Kooky Cookie
Pasta and Koopa Leaf: Koopa Salad
Pink Mushroom and Dried Shroom: Hot Mushroom
Koopa Leaf: Koopa Tea
Goombnut and Cake Mix: Nutty Cake
Cake Mix and Fire Flower: Fire Posp
Electric Mushroom and Cake Mix: Electric Pop
Super Shroom and Koopa Leaf: Life Shroom
Fire Flower and Mushroom: Bland Meal
Fire Flower: Fire Soup

To make Jelly Ultra, which restores 50 HP and FP, have Tace T cook the Ultra Shroom and the Jammin Jelly.

Hint: Recipe trouble:
If you are having trouble making things, experiment. Most people learn the ingredients and are afraid they cannot get them, such as Strange Leaf, or an item later in the game. Also, Egg, a vital item in Egg Missile, can be found near the train station on Mount Rugged. Jammin' Jelly can be found from Silver Piggies.

Hint: Recommended partners for Star Spirit battles:

Koopa Bros.: Bombette
Tutankoopa: Parakarry
Tubba Blubba: Bow
General Guy: Watt
Lava Piranha: Sushie
Huff 'n' Puff: Sushie
Crystal King: Kooper

Hint: Star Piece by delivering mail:
Complete the game after getting all the letters you found for Paratrooper. Mail all the letters to get a Star Piece.

Hint: Expose hidden Star Pieces:
You can expose the Star Pieces that are under the hidden panels on the ground by Ground Pounding near them. However, it is easier to do this once you have the Ultra Hammer. Run around and hit the ground in various places. If you are getting close, you will see the panel bounce into the air, and when you hit the spot, you will get the Star Piece.

Hint: Deluxe Feasts without Whacka's Bump and Strange Leaf:
Note: You must be in Chapter 8 for this trick. Give the Recipe Book to Tayce T. in Chapter 4 (Shy Guy's Toy Box). Make your way to Chapter 8 in the Ice City and get a Iced Potato, located in the Toad House. Use the warp pipes in the sewers to get to Dry Dry Desert. Get a Dried Shroom in the shop. Get a Life Shroom by any desired method (such as at Bowser's Mansion). Go to Tayce T.'s home in Southern Toad Town. Have her combine the Life Shroom and the Dried Shroom to get a Shroom Steak. Have her cook the Iced Potato only, and get a Potato Salad. Have her combine the Shroom Steak and the Potato Salad to make a Deluxe Feast.

Hint: Use bomb ability without using FP:
First, have Bombeete out and get close to a enemy. Then, use her bomb ability. You will start a battle, but your FP is still the same.

Hint: Enter Princess Peach's room:
Talk to the guard guarding Peach's room five times and he will let you in. If you talk to him again, he will say "I envy you Mario".

Hint: Happy Heart Badge:
You can use the Happy Heart Badge to regain 1 life every turn. The more Happy Hearts are active, the more life you receive. Note: This also works with Happy Flower Badge. One Happy Heart is located on the tree where you find the big raven.

Hint: I Spy Badge:
Return the calculator Shy Guy's stole to Rowf the Badge Shop owner.

Hint: Lucky Day:
To get Lucky Day, you will get three letters in Chapter 2. One, to Goompapa, will result not in a Star piece, but another letter. This is a chain letter. Keep finding them. The following are some places for the difficult ones: Fishmael is the person at the dock. Miss T is the orange Toad near the Dojo. Dane T. is the little red Toad near the train station. Frost T. is the green-blue Toad at Starborn Valley. Go back to Gommpapa when you deliver Frost T's to get Lucky Day, which is an upgraded version of Pretty Lucky.

Hint: Star Badge:
Collect all other badges.

Hint: Silver and gold credits:
In order to receive a silver credit, do all the favors that Koopa Koot asks. If you continue to do more favors for him, you will eventually receive the gold credit. Credits are to be used in Toad Town to play games.

Hint: Easy Coins:
Get a Mushroom from Dry Dry Outpost for three Coins, and two Koopa Leaves from Koopa Village for free. Then, cook a Koopa Leaf and Mushroom to make a Voltshroom. Next, cook a Voltshroom and A Koopa Leaf to make a Lifeshroom. You can sell the Lifeshroom for 50 Coins.

Hint: Hidden door:
Collect all four magical seeds and plant them in the flower garden. A door will appear.

Hint: NES Super Mario Brothers music:
When the starting screen of a chapter appears, wait for a few seconds after the song. The game will then play the song from Super Mario Brothers on the NES.

Glitch: Reappearing partner:
In Toadtown Tunnels after Chapter 3, try to jump over the hole that was originally marked with an X board. You will make it sometimes, and if you do, your partner will not. After about two seconds, your partner will reappear directly behind you. Note: This does not work with Parakarry or LakiLester.

Glitch: Partner trapped behind door:
Go to the door at the inn at Star Haven. Once in awhile, when your partner closes the door, he will close it on himself. After about two seconds he will go through the wall.

Glitch: Partner in the ground:
At Star Haven, go all the way up the stairs until you reach a house (not the one you sleep in, but the one with a star that only talks). Do not open the door. Instead, run down the stairs and open the door to the inn as fast as possible. If done correctly, your partner will not step up and will instead walk through the floor. Note: This does not work with partners that "float". Note: You must be wearing the Speedy Spin Badge for this to work.

Glitch: Watt:
Go to a Super Block and highlight Watt. The description will read "He will learn…". Pause game play and go to "Party Members". It will read "She can produce ample electricity". Thus Watt is described as both male and female.


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